Peri Elizabeth

Recording Artist, Singer/Songwriter, Actress

Peri Elizabeth is a singer/songwriter and actress from Baltimore, MD. She enjoys Broadway and acting; however, she is truly passionate about singing and songwriting.  She is currently studying at Berklee College of Music.

Peri’s writing is very real and relatable. Her very first song recorded at age sixteen, "The Change Is In You," was about her experiences with bullying. She wrote the song in hopes to bring awareness to the social issue and to vocalize her message against bullying while pushing support towards the National Anti-Bullying campaign.

Peri’s music is authentic, and she only writes about what she believes in. She has recently released a new single called “Tired of You” available on all music streaming platforms.

Peri Elizabeth is currently writing and recording for her second EP with hopes to have it out to the public by summer 2019.


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