Peri Elizabeth

Recording Artist, Songwriter, Actress

Peri Elizabeth, is a recording artist and songwriter from Baltimore, MD. She enjoys Broadway and acting; however, she is truly passionate about singing and songwriting.  Last year, she won her audience over with her first lead role as Tracy in Hairspray.

The topics that Peri sings about are very real and relatable. Her very first song, "The Change Is In You" is about her experiences with bullying. She wrote the song in hopes to bring awareness to the issue of bullying, to promote her message that we all must stand up against bullying, and to support the national anti-bullying campaign. Peri’s music is authentic...she only writes about what she believes in.

Peri has been selected to be the first high-school ambassador for Be In The Know About Bullying, an anti-bullying organization that is centered on principles of education, leadership, and mentorship founded by Sean James.

Peri Elizabeth

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